After years of playing the San Diego, Ca local scene and touring the country in their previous projects, Scott Bixby and Mickey Dixon decided to start from the roots, making something truly special. After many late nights, craft beer and talking about good music, it was only inevitable that these 2 great friends would come together to form the melodic progressive metal band WOLFWAKER. “From the beginning, Mickey and I talked about doing a side project together. We wanted to take a different approach while keeping the creativity at a maximum so we built up our own personal studios and took things into our own hands.” Says Scott. “We had a lot of great ideas, and a lot of great material but then it was starting to turn into something very serious.’ Says Mickey. “Since both Scott and I have experience in recording and sound production, we wanted to cover our bases and produce everything ourselves first, and if we ever needed to jump into another studio to lay down the tracks again, we had everything in order and ready to go.” After Debuting their Ep “Hyperspace” on June 2, 2015, the band gained an outstanding following. “We hyped it up quite a bit and gained a lot of fans in the process which I’m very grateful for.” says Scott. “Once we released our debut independently and saw the reaction we knew we were on the right track”. When asked Mickey had this to say of the future of the project “This band has always been about playing and writing the music that WE love, and as long as we remain true to that the sky is the limit.”


Debut EP



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Meet The Band

Scott Bixby: Vocals
Mickey Dixon: Guitars
Bentley Neff: Drums
Allan Levy: Bass
Ian Archer: Guitar



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